Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dedication to Lyndsi

One of my best friends' granddaughter passed away May 27th. I haven't been able to post since. I've been having a hard time trying to think about writing about anything fun because I feel so sad about her loss. So I want to dedicate this post to her.

I can't remember how Mary and I met exactly. I've thought about it many times. I think we've always been connected. But I do remember seeing her at one of the Elementary school functions about 12 years ago and talking to her and wondering why she was there. She told me she was there for her granddaughter, LYNDSI, and imagine how shocked both of us were when we realized that my daughter, Brittney and her granddaughter LYNDSI were becoming bestest first grade friends. It was amazing. Those girls were such opposites and just perfect for each other. Brittney was/is so shy and Lyndsi was so outgoing. So outgoing! They were together during school and on the weekends pretty inseperatable too. Lyndsi was at our house or Brittney was over at Lyndsi's house. Thank goodness their first grade teacher "looped" and for second grade they were in the same class. AND . . . third grade - same class! The girls ended up going to different schools for fourth and fifth grades but stayed connected still. In middle school , they were back together and in eighth grade were the closest they had ever been.

The girls played volleyball and basketball together and we saw alot of each other and our families during practices, games and tournaments. Their family was especially there when our family had a medical emergency at one of the basketball games. I had no worries because I knew Brittney had Lyndsi. The girls were crazy together. Lyndsi allowed Brittney to let loose. They wore these goofy black/orange striped socks, shared hairbands and traded shoes for games.

Highschool brought alot of drama. Lyndsi continued with basketball but Brittney did not and so they no longer had that tie with sports. But the girls still shared . . . and boys. Sometimes that was okay and sometimes not. Sometimes a love/hate relationship with the girls. and so that is how the girls ended . . . they were not getting along. But you see, we always thought she would be here. I figured the girls would go to college and Lyndsi's grandma and I would talk about it. I figured they'de get married and we'de talk about it. I figured they'de have kids and we'de talk about it. And I knew eventually the girls would start talking again. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would lose Lyndsi. Everyday we are saddened in some way by it. I know someday we will be happy when we think of her but I just don't know how. We miss her so much and I can't imagine what her grandmother (and mother and father and brother and grandfather) are dealing with.

I am not a writer and i can't express my feelings but just thought I should let you know why I have been gone.