Monday, March 31, 2008

All Dog's Done

all dog things
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Finally finished the burps, bibs, onesies and blanket. The flannel is from JoAnns with dogs printed on it and I used brown and yellow solid flannel. I really think they came out cute. Funny thing is that after I had purchased the fabrics for this project the front of my next JoAnn's add had this fabric on the front made into a dog bed! A dog bed, not cute little items for a dear, precious newborn baby!! Maybe they should have used my pic (HaHa). Anyways, a month after I purchased the project is done. I will take it to "SewNShare" at my quilt meeting on Monday and then the gift goes to my friend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

puppy onesie closeup

puppy onesie closeup
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Just getting a feel for how to post from my flickr page. This really is a lot of fun and I feel so smart! I might be boring you now, but I'm working on "knocking your socks off" with my cute stuff!!

I found a Puppy!!

For my family members, No, not a real puppy, a puppy to embroider. I know they were probably saying a few choice things about how I do not need another animal. Probably because I spend too much time sewing and not enough time with the animals. Well, I do have a Yorkie and she does get plenty of attention. Probably because she likes to be in my sewing room with me.

I am making a blanket, burps, bibs and these onesies for a friend who is due at the end of next month. I will post the whole set when I have it all done. I was looking for an embroidery pattern of a dog and found one. It's from Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers #3989 "Bonnie Bonnet Too". You'll have to look really hard at the pictures because it's mainly of "Bonnie". The puppy is at the bottom. There's also a really cute bird eating seed. I hope to use that design on something too. Don't know if I'll embroider any of the Bonnies but her polka dot dress is adorable. Can just imagine doing countless french knots. (Would make my Grandma proud!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

One Lucky Girl (that's me!)

For our 19th Anniversary (Yes 19 years!) my hubby surprised me with a little getaway to a cabin in Woodland Park. It was a short stay, since both of us weren't able to take any time off work but It was wonderful!

On our way, we stopped in Old Colorado City to purchase something for dessert for our dinner (two pieces of chocolate from the candy shop) and we had parked next to a cute little shop I had eyeballed walkig to the candy shop. So on the way back to the car he asks "You wanna go in there?" Well, if You want to. Silly!!! Oh, I could barely breath! Probably 100% of the items were handmade. And handmade very well at that. Everything was just so adorable! I had spent plenty of time looking at these necklaces so he noticed and bought one for me! It looks kinda like fabric to me so I really like it and it's reversible but I rarely wear it on the red side. One of the daughters wanted to wear it and I wouldn't let her and I share everything. I really like it!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Stitchin'

Started making one Easter Egg and said I would not make anymore. Well, ended up making 8 eggs/8 chicks and 5 bags. I was addicted and couldn't stop myself.