Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How cute are those "bunnies"

How cute are those "bunnies", originally uploaded by joeysews.

I can't complain. This is my "work". Ya right! Aren't they just so cute. Those little kids.

Makes it easy to ignore the fact that the landscaping is hidious. Pretty much prairie all around us. and I don't mean pretty prairie, I mean weeded prairie. Good thing I have those "bunnies" to look at.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I made that!

I made that beautiful girl and that dress! I've dreamed about making my girls' prom and wedding dresses since they were born. It was a little stressful because we were on a short time frame but she was good about all the fittings (I think there were 6 or more). I was stressed because not only did I want it to fit perfectly but I wanted her to love it. I think I scored on both of those.

Yes, we are saving the dress forever! No, my younger daughter will not be wearing it because. . . I will be making her her own prom dresses.

I can not imagine the wedding dresses - this was pretty darn stressful - but I WILL make them. I've always told the girls they have two choices for wedding dresses 1) I can make theirs or 2) they can wear mine. (Hope one of those works out)



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lounge pants

lounge pants, originally uploaded by joeysews.

I made these lounge pants from Amy Butlers book "In Stitches". I adapted the pattern to omit the side seam so they go together super quick. The owl fabric I had purchased about a year ago so finally got to use it.

The t-shirt was given to me and I added an owl applique from the pants material and made a drawstring casing to give it an empire waist look.

Although I am happy with the pajamas, I am very unhappy with my weight right now. Goodnews is that we did just join a health club so I hope to shed a few (ok, ALOT) of weight.