Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I think I figured the whole "link" thing out. Where you say "I blogged about this picture HERE" and then when you click on HERE it takes you to another link. I have been trying to figure this out for months. Months! And All along it was right there in front of my face. Right in front of my face - literally.

Tonight my friend told me how to do it. She explained it in all about 5 seconds. Telling me how it should be on the box where I type and it looks like two little links.

I rushed home and hello! there it is. I did it! I did it!

I do vow to limit my links per post. I hate when there are so many links in a post that you get lost in the links before you even finish the paragraph.

So, for a final link I will send you here .

Fun stuff.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Not my give away (I'm still working on something special) but I entered to win a camera strap from here: http://www.springtreeroad.com/springtreeroad/2009/01/shey-b-giveaway.html#comments

I really like them and hers are so cute.


Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, I inivited myself to be "tagged" from : http://heatherhalesdesigns.com/blog/. So I post a picture of myself (ugh) and tell you 16 things about myself and "tag" 16 other people.
1) I like to make lists (I made this list before I came to post it)
2) I like eating outside.
3) I hate to swim in reservoir, lake or ocean water but love swimming in swimming pools.
4) My all-time favorite movie is "Grease"
5) If I could drive ANY car I wanted it would be a convertible Volkswagon Bug (preferablly red)
6) I love thrift stores second to only JoAnns
7) I'm the middle of 3 sisters
8) I watched all of the Dawson Creek episodes 3 times (and it was before Katie Holmes was so cool)
9) I love the summer heat and hate the winter cold
10) Almost all of my closest friends are twenty years older than me and I love them dearly
11) I love to run (but I don't) and dream about it often.
12) I am a morning person not a night owl (although with three teenagers I have to kinda work on staying up late to communicate with them)
13) I wish I knew how to do that blogging thing were you say "look HERE" and when you click on "here" it takes you to another link - I just have to copy and paste the whole link.
14) I hate driving under bridges when trains are crossing and sometimes pull over until the train has passed.
15) I grew my nails out after being a "biter" for 37 years.
16) I like to teach sewing, serging, embroidery, knitting to my friends

Monday, January 5, 2009


Look at those pajamas! And that really cute family! Both a-dor-a-ble! I made the matching pajamas for my sister and her family and sent them off in plenty of time before Christmas IF Portland, OR , didn't get such a bad snow storm and therefore no mail was delivered for days to my sister's house. They were sappose to be pajamas that they wore on Christmas Eve. Well, they ended up being New Years Eve pajamas. Ugh!
I purchased a king size set of sheets for the stripped fabric and accented with red flannel. My town has only 3 choices for fabric purchases (one of which is Walmart) and you usually can't find exactly what you want. So when I saw these sheets I knew it would be perfect. Yes, I got all five pieces out of the king sheet and have bits and pieces leftover (keeping, but don't know what for yet).
Last year I met my sister and her family in Denver while they were there on a layover to Florida. We drove for 2 hours to see them for one and I wish that would work out again. Due to health and job setbacks a couple of years ago we haven't been able to go there BUT . . . my little sister, whom, lives in Washington, gave us news on Christmas that she would be getting married in August and we are trying to figure out how to save up to go out there and we would be able to see everyone! Yeah.