Friday, August 28, 2009

hinterburg Frame

hinterburg Frame, originally uploaded by joeysews.

You can not believe the incredible deal I got on this frame. It is such a good deal that I am seriously embarrassed to tell you how much (well, little) I paid for it.

And because of some great friends they led me to the frame. It was at a garage sale and two of my friends were there and were talking (they didn't know each other) and decided I should be called because I would need to buy it. And I did! I nearly cried transporting it home. Then after doing some research I discovered it was a Hinterburg frame (Not a Grace like I was told by the seller) AND . . . get this, I ran into another quilting friend at Walmart and she has one and called me later that day and offered to come over the next day to look at it with me. Her and her husband gave me lots of great information and even offered that my husband and I could come check out their set up. I am just amazed at how it all fell together.

I hope to at least quilt the five quilt tops that I have had completed for five plus years.

Thanks friends!