Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wardrobe Refashioning

This dress for Addie is made from a tshirt from my girls (size M - adult). I just took up the side seem and shortened the length. With the extra material I cut off the bottom I added the ruffle. The neckline was a little big so I made a gather and attached a button. I have three other tshirts to make into other clothes for her too.

The legwarmers were made from a ladies pair of long socks. You cut off the toe and heel and reattach the middle piece to the sock by serging. These really help protect her "crawling" knees right now. And she looks cute in them too.

New Buffet/Hutch

Any suggestions for decorating it? The China is my Grandma's and I would like to display some of it but also want a more modern look. Oh, don't you just love it. I don't know what style this is but I love it.