Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Makeup Bags

It's so nice when my girls want to sew! So the three of us recently spent an evening in the sewing room making these makeup bags. The robot material is an old shirt of my youngests. She loved that robot print so of course we didn't throw it out when it got too worn. Nope! I knew we would be able to use it. She actually had cut out the individual robots then roughly stitched them to another piece of fabric. It's really cute. The white makeup bag is made from a piece of sheet leftover from some lounge pants that I had made and the third one is made from the "stash".
I recently purchased a "ruffler" foot at the thrift store for $2 and so now EVERYTHING gets a ruffle. That little attachment is Amazing! No more "basting two lines of sewing only to have one of the threads break halfway through pulling"! I am having a little trouble judging how much material to use to get it to "fit". But there is a little "give" in the ruffle after it's been through the machine so so far that has worked. The ruffler foot allows you to make regular ruffles and also does a pleat. On the makeup bag, I cut a narrow piece of fabric (2") and serged both long ends and then ran the ruffler stitches down the middle then attached it to the bag front. Could only be more pleased by that fact that my 16 and 18 year olds like to sew too!