Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love . . .

how you can turn just a bunch of flat pieces of fabric into "things". It is so exciting! I took all this valentines' fabric and made little aprons for little kids (8!) The two on the far right end are for Boys. The frills of the other fabric would have made a few dads mad :( - but they still came out cute. I used a tan ticking fabric with red pin stripes. Cute!

Costumes in February?

Yes, I know it's not Halloween and I'm definately not prepared enough to have my costumes for Halloween already made. I made these costumes for my nephews school auction fundraiser. The princess dress is just fluff and frills and I think any girl would love it. The best part about the postman's costume is the bag - how fun to pretend to deliver letters. Do kids know that email is not the only way to send letters? The scrubs outfit is so cute with the little hat. The doctor's coat can be worn seperate or over the scrubs and the chef's hat and coat is my favorite. I altered a couple of coat/shirt patterns to make the coat look like the "real" chefs coats. I will try to remember and post how well the auction went after I hear about it.

Just like the real scrubs (and hat)

The Dr. is IN

My Fav!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Hair Day (always)

So how do you do it? I wake up excited to sew (or plan to sew, or find some ideas on the internet to sew) and therefore I rarely do my hair. You see my hair isn't even long enough to put in a pony tail but I do it because it takes less time than straightening it and therefore giving me more time to sew.

On Saturday, while putting on my makeup I got a sewing idea and hurried to finish my makeup so I could go write down my sewing idea. Later my daughter was trying to get the big blob of mascara off the side of my face. So how do you do it? How do you manage to take care of your hair and makeup and Sew? I really need to reprioritze here.


Monday, February 16, 2009

20th Anniversary

My husband and I are going to see Rascal Flatts in Denver for our 20th Anniversary. I am just so excited. This is my collection of cds and they are all Rascal Flatts because those are the only cds I own.

Please feel free to come by the house and check up on the teenagers while we are gone. We are seriously considering a "babysitter". Who would have thought you need a babysitter for your 15, 17 and 18 year old. Oh yes, we do!


Hearts and Kisses Apron Sent

This is the apron that I sent to my Hearts and Kisses apron swap partner, Betty aka Fudgie. I like how it turned out (I hope she does too). The wide apron ties make the apron very comfortable and surprisingly, all of those layers of gathered material didn't take too, too long. The apron she sent me is just amazing. I really, really like it. I wore it all day on Valentine's day until my teenage daughters friends came over (it would have really embarrassed my daughter).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Betty AKA Fudgie to show you what is in my purse. How fun! So, I see the rules are 1)show you my bag and its contents 2)tell you how much the bag cost and how I bought the bag 3) tag four people who have a blog.
My bag was originally like $14.99 at Hobby Lobby but . . . I used my 40% off coupon. That's how I roll. I really like the bag. It's big and I like the houndstooth fabric (which my girls always call it saber tooth fabric - haha!) Although this is the bag that I usually carry.
The contents inside are:
receipts, gold C coupons, heart pen (that lights up - ooh, ahh)
sharpie pen (my daughters and I love sharpies), credit card billfold,
notepad (gotta have a notepad at all times), 3 bills that need paid
notecards I received in a swap, knitted Starbucks gift card holder,
checkbook holder (it's embarrasing - I really need to make a new one)
And . . . .
my new business cards
Here are the people I'm tagging
Also, Make sure you link back to this post. I think that's it - can't wait to see what's in your bag too.
Thanks for participating with me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just discovered that my 1 year blogaversary has come and passed. As with me,I am always late with birthdays and anniversaries so what would be different here.

I looked back at my first post. It is a picture of my family. Awww! So much has changed - I think I cut off 10 inches of my hair (and I hate it) One of the girls went blonde and the blonde daughter went brunette AND now are back to both being brunettes. Gotta love Miss Clairol!

The husband is still at his job (and in these times - thank goodness). Seems everyone complains about their jobs but you must be thankful to have a job right now.

The boy started college and quit college and that's ok (neither one of his parents finished college either) So many things are changing for him. He wanted to be out in his own place by his birthday (March 3rd) but looks like that will be a little late too.

I will have a giveaway soon too. So keep reading.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swap Package

Swap Package
Originally uploaded by joeysews
I received my package from the "Hearts and Kisses Apron Swap". It arrived on Tuesday and when I saw the box I had totally forgotten about receiving an apron because I've been working on the one I will send out. Pictures will be posted after my swap partner receives the package.
The apron I received is perfect! It is two layers, with binding and a heart shaped pocket on the front with a giant "J" monogram embroidered on that. She also sent two fat quarts (I'm thinking of making a bag with them) and 4 pieces of JUMBO ric-rak (oh really cute)!
The thing I'm experiencing about joining in these swaps is even though you're given at least a month, I wait till the last week to get mine together. I also joined a St Patricks day swap (see button on the right). I'm gonna have quite a collection of aprons in no time.