Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super Easy Bag

We made these bags at my sewing group that I host at my home every monday night. The pattern we used is from this book, although, I believe I have seen the pattern many places. The pattern calls for round purse handles and I couldn't find them locally so we ordered some online but I couldn't wait for them to come in so I made some fabric covered handles. The exterior of the bag is a fabric sample remnant (given to me) and the interior lining is a thrifted table cloth. I am very pleased with how the bag turned out. I think my girls liked it to. It's nice to be able to impress your teenage daughters. (as you can tell from one of the pictures, I think the bag could be reversable).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm afraid I just don't have a pic to go along with this post. But I did want to tell you about another great local place to eat. Bingo Burger. My friend, Tammy, told me about the place and we decided to try it last Saturday. They advertise that they have "locally grown, grain fed meat". MMMM, MMM, MMM, good. Although, I might just skip having a burger altogether to have their sweet potatoe fries. Oh, those are so delicious. Who came up with that? Thank you!

This outing wasn't a "date day" in the thought that it would be just me and my husband (21st anniversary on Thursday!!!!). Our two girls came with us. No complaints from them either on the food. Pretty good. You know how hard it can be to try and please teenagers. Not sure why it is called "Bingo Burger". Hmmm will just have to go back and do some asking (and have some sweet potatoe fries).


Friday, February 19, 2010

LUV quilt

I originally joined our local quilt guild with the intentions of donating quilts for kids. But I have sadly failed in this area. I seem to have good intentions but too many projects. Anyways, maybe I can beat my last years total of 1 LUV quilt donated. That would seem a more reasonable objective. This LUV quilt top I started two years ago. I fussy cut all the blue squares to get cookie monster facing just right. Then it sat. and sat. and sat. Until last night. I pin basted the top/backing/batting, quilted and bound it all in about 1 1/2 hours! Really? Why does it sit for two years only to get done in so little time. I like how the backing came out. I think I will try to do something similar to all my quilt backs. The quilting was just "eyeballed". One of my specialties. lol. But I like it! I hope there is some little kid out there that will like it too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Requests Anyone?

These are some fabrics that I recently purchased.These are some home dec weights. Great for bags.
Gotta love ANYTHING with browns.
The yellow/black combination is really quite stunning (and I'm not a huge fan of yellow but it works)
New birdie combo! Birds are everywhere with fabric right now.
See!! More birds!
And gotta love the turquoisy scroll pattern. mmmm!!mmm! mmmm!!

These are some fabric combinations that I purchased recently. Planning on making some bags/aprons/wallets/lunch totes for some upcoming craft sales. Would be SO willing to take special orders and make some sales now if anyone is interested? LemmeKnow!


She's here!

Remember my post about this? So here's the story. I found a piano for sale on craigslist. My son and one of his coworkers moved it to the house. It tooks my husband and I about three months to sand and paint it not because it was hard work but because we just don't have time. My fatherinlaw fixed the leg on the bench. Yes it has a bench. The seat flips up to store your music. He is an amazing woodworker. I don't know how he got the leg to match the others. It is slightly tapered at the bottom and it matches perfectly. I want to make a padded seat for the bench and cover it in something from here. My daughter Brooke has taught herself to play. Row, row, row your boat, jingle bells and do your ears hang low! Oh, there is some bad news! We scratched the wood floors when we moved it into the house. We were trying to be so careful but there is a scratch about 1/2" wide by 5' FEET!!! We will try to sand it out but it is covered by the front entry rug.

Does this count?

So, my new years resolution was to sew two items of clothing a month for myself. So does it count if I sewed two shirts for my daughter. Only one is pictured because it is quite the ordeal to get a picture of her. She has to want to wear the shirt that day, her hair has to be just right, she can't be getting a text, the lighting . . . .the list goes on. This shirt is made out of some voile fabric I got at Walmart for $1.50/yd. Ooh, it was tricky to work with - so thin. And the zipper in the back is kinda heavy for the material. The other shirt was made from a thrifted plaid sheet. The zipper went in so easy and it turned out really cute. Good thing I made that one first. I have about half a sheet left and am hoping to make a shirt for my other daughter. There were complaints! "how come she gets a shirt" "when did you go to the thrift store". Aww, the struggles of splitting your time with your mom or your BOYFRIEND!

Date Day

I love our little hometown. This is a favorite place of mine to go eat mexican food. The people are so nice and remember us everytime we go in. Our waitress even gave me her recipe for making tortillas, bean and breakfast potatoes with green chili. She doesn't know that I don't cook but she did talk to me very slowly and repeat herself, it must be that obvious. Funny thing is that the next place we went, a complete stranger gave me HER recipe for making tortillas. Is this a sign? Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. "you need to make tortillas and not sew" or maybe "sew something round like a tortilla!!" I'll go with the second one. ooh, we also saw went and saw "Blind Side", which I always want to call "sidelined". Being that we go to the movie theatre like once a year I'm not that big of a critic and I have to say it was good. I cried nearly from the beginning. Most of the tears where tears from missing our son play high school football. Sandra Bulloch looks great! Just ask my husband. Now, I think he will have to be banned from seeing anything with her in it. I mean how many times do I need to hear how "hot" she is still. Nah, I'm really not the jealous type. In fact, i'm thinking of getting her bangs. If you can't fight em, join em. Right?