Monday, December 28, 2009

What to post about? What to post about?

So many things to post about, so little time. These little cuties I got for Christmas and have taken them off only to sleep. I love them, love them, love them. (thanks Lewis!) I posted all my christmas photos over on my FB page. Go check it out there. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas - seemed so short because husband had to work so much. Hoping he has a three day weekend this weekend to enjoy some time together. Ya!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Tree Skirt

This is our NEW tree skirt this year. You see, I made the stockings a couple of years ago out of old sweaters and knew that I wanted to make a tree skirt. So I went to one of my favorite stores (ARC thrift store!!!) and purchased an off white blanket last year only to decide I REALLy needed more than one blanket. So, I HAD to make another trip to the thrift store and I actually found five sweaters that were in the off white color scheme and that would be long enough to make into my tree skirt sections.

To construct the skirt 1) cut a large circle from muslin to serve as the backing (and help with construction) 2) fold into fifths to get the measurement for the pie shapes 3) cut out the sweaters (I used the fronts and backs of five different sweaters) 4) lay them in a pleasing pattern and serge one to the other leavingg two disconnected - see the picture? 5) lay the sweater "top" right sides together with the muslin circle and sew down both sides and the entire bottom 6) turn inside out and I encased the small inner circle with bias muslin strip.

I do need to add some ribbons to tie the skirt around the tree but with all of the sewing I've been doing for Christmas I just didn't have time. I figure it will be under the tree and noone will see anyways. Funny thing is . . . I wonder how long it will take me to get the ribbons on??