Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pueblo's Quilt and Stitch Expo Purchases

frenchy bag
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They had Amy Butler patterns and fabric at the Pueblo quilt and stitch expo this past weekend. I could barely breath! I bough her "frenchy Bag" pattern and two yards of her fabric. I was able to make two bags with the use of a few remnants from my stash for the lining.

I've recently joined the Amy Butler group on flickr and noticed someone was wanting the bag to be roomier. So I decided to modify the pattern and added some darts to the corners of the bag. It helped give it more room and wasn't that much more sewing.

Amy Butler fabrics are amazing! I have been a follower of her for 3-4 years. Our local fabric shops don't carry her fabric or patterns so I've called upon my sister, who lives in Portland, OR, to visit the shop nearby her house to make purchases for me - and she does. And she buys more stuff for me to make for her or my niece. She probably thinks it's work for me but really it's just lots of fun!

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