Monday, December 15, 2008

Slipper Swap

I participated in a slipper swap (see button at right). I got my package off in the mail on Saturday and my partner received it TODAY. Pretty impressive for the USPS. The pattern that I was going to originally use got lost somewhere in my sewing room :( So I used the pattern from my "Sew Pretty Homestyle" book. I really like the way the slippers turned out. And after seeing them, my daughter wants us to make 5 pairs to give to her girlfriends for Christmas. That's so exciting! Both that I get to sew more and that I get to sew with my 15 year old daughter.

Check out my other flickr photos of the slippers. I had once seen that you can use puffy fabric paint to make a non-skid surface on the bottom of slippers and I used this idea for this pair.


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Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Joey... I have taken the Slippers with me to CA and everyone loved them... Thank you so much for being a part of my slipper swap. I love love love these slippers. They are sew darn cute and fit like a glove :)