Saturday, November 28, 2009

For Sale

I just sent these to Oregon for a craft sale that my mom is participating in this weekend. I hope I sell some things. The wallies would make great wrappings to stick a gift card in for a teacher/friend/swap etc. Or they make great stocking stuffers. I also sent my coffee cozies which make great stocking stuffers too. Some were made of fabric and some I crocheted and put large buttons on. They look like little sweaters for your disposable coffee cups. But you could put a gift card in an empty disposable cup and then put the coffee cozie on the outside and attach a cute gift tag. Wish I had a pic of that. Both of these items sell for $4 each.
I made two of these short aprons. I just fell in love with that fabric. The other apron actually has a row of pockets on the bottom instead of the ruffle. I also sent a matching mother/daughter (size 2-4) apron set made from vintage fabric and linen. Short aprons are $12 and matching set is $30.
If any of it doesn't sell and you are interested - let me know. I expect to receive unsold items in about a week and a half.


Lorraine said...

Your stuff is adorable. Good luck selling it.

Lorraine said...

Hi Joey:
Your stuff is adorable. Good luck selling!