Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She's Getting a New Friend

We've had Francesca for nine years. We always thought we would breed her but whenever it came time we got cold feet because we didn't want to risk something happening to her. We've probably waited a little too long to add another Yorkie into her life but we're bringing home a pup on sunday. It's actually her niece. We have been so pleased with Francesca that we went to her breeder to get another one. We met the pup last week and she will be ready this weekend. I'm a little nervous about how "Frankie" will do and about all the work that comes with having a new pup but super excited about the joy that they bring to our family.

We're naming her "Gizzy." Lewis and I saw "Gremlins" on one of our first dates but we will see if the name is a good fit. I'm wondering how much this will take away from my sewing time?! But I'm already thinking about making her some pjs and a bed and both the girls matching collars. You know I can't resist.


Rennie said...

Im so so excited to see her!!!!

Cindy Norris said...

How FUN! Just be sure you tell Frankie that she's going to be a big sister and prepare her for it!!! (They are just like kids, after all!) :o)

Anonymous said...

Ah, she's so cute! Have two dogs myself, so I know how much love they give but also need! And your post made me smile a bit because I do have a little Gizmo myself :) Wishing you all the best and warmest hugs to the new pup!

This2That said...

How adorable!!

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