Monday, March 24, 2008

One Lucky Girl (that's me!)

For our 19th Anniversary (Yes 19 years!) my hubby surprised me with a little getaway to a cabin in Woodland Park. It was a short stay, since both of us weren't able to take any time off work but It was wonderful!

On our way, we stopped in Old Colorado City to purchase something for dessert for our dinner (two pieces of chocolate from the candy shop) and we had parked next to a cute little shop I had eyeballed walkig to the candy shop. So on the way back to the car he asks "You wanna go in there?" Well, if You want to. Silly!!! Oh, I could barely breath! Probably 100% of the items were handmade. And handmade very well at that. Everything was just so adorable! I had spent plenty of time looking at these necklaces so he noticed and bought one for me! It looks kinda like fabric to me so I really like it and it's reversible but I rarely wear it on the red side. One of the daughters wanted to wear it and I wouldn't let her and I share everything. I really like it!!!

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