Monday, May 26, 2008

He Did It

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Our first one to graduate. We are so proud of Cody. My mom came from Oregon (after moving out there 11 months ago) and my sister came from Washington with her family. My mom flew but my sister and famly drove with a diesel truck and a fifth wheel filled with 4 wheelers. Lewis' family all came (most from Pueblo) with one sister and family from New Mexico. We also had family join us from Frisco and Denver and many family friends from Pueblo came. This was all very exciting for us. We bought WAY too much food (except for cake, which we only had a small piece leftover) and now we will be eating hotdogs and hamburgers for the WHOLE summer.

Cody is going to start a community college in the fall and will work this summer for a local landscaping company. His girlfriend's family took him the last few days to go fishing in the mountains.

Two more years till the next one graduates!

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