Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Posts in One Day!

Lovin' the lunchbox pattern
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Two lunch boxes too! I made one for my little sis who will coming next week for my son's graduation from high school and one for my friend who will be taking care of my dogs while we are gone to New Mexico this weekend to see Niece graduate.

I made two of these yesterday! I think it took me just over an hour from cut to finish! I just love the pattern and the way they come out. I would like to try to make them with the iron on vinyl but would have to travel about an hour away to purchase it from JoAnn's. I am wandering how well they will keep their lunches insulated, just hoping they put them in the fridge if needed.

Pattern is from here:

I see many more lunchboxes in my future! They are great gifts!

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