Thursday, August 21, 2008

How I Feel

Cars needing repair, sewing machine breaking, embroidery machine breaking, cordless phone dying, computer crashing, embroidery smart box not working, Big screen TV went out . . . I could add at least another half a dozen, I'm sure!

But . . . I did fix the sewing machine and embroidery machine! And the computer has allowed my "messenger" to start working again - woo!hoo!

I am only able to do my "posts" from my daughters' laptops when they're not doing school work i.e. myspace, messenger, facebook.

I though they said bad things come in 3s. Well mine was to the 3rd power. I do have to be thankful for our health! Can't complain there and thank goodness! I stumbled across the article re: plane crash in Arizona which killed the pilot and the husband and wife onboard are in critical condintion. It has touched me immensely. Click on the pink button on the right top of my blog and read more. I can offer prayer and know that prayer can bring miracles.

No Tv, sewing machines, phones, cars . . . we are healthy so I'm done complaining.

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