Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Assembly Line Sewing

Assembly Line Sewing
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I have some orders for some bags (yea!). This is about all the assembly line sewing I can do. This is two bags of the same pattern. It's the Amy Butler "frenchy" pattern. I love that pattern. I have gotten a few orders in the last week and am so excited. I love to sew and I love making extra money (although, it always feels like it goes into the checkbook and from there I don't know where it ends up). But at least I get to sew.

I also have an order for 10 pairs of lounge pants made from "vintage" sheets. I have that order about half finished. They are coming out so cute. Each one I make I think "ooh, these are my favorite" then I make another pair and "ooh, THESE are my favorite"!

And then I have a long list of items to make for Christmas which involves more assembly line sewing. I had it planned out where I could sew on Saturday for 8 hours but that hasn't happened yet. And how many days til Christmas? and how much time do I need to send stuff to the West coast to arrive by Chriistmas? Did I mention I love to sew? I really do there's just not enough time!


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Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I had not discovered your wonderful blog until you signed up for my slipper swap. I have really enjoyed reading it and seeing all of your lovely sewing.. because of this I have given you an award..... please drop by and pick it up. ;)