Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dress and Bloomers

I don't know how you bloggers/sewers do it. I mean I love to sew and blog but I'm just not good at doing both. You see, I made this little dress with adorable little undies and seriously . . . I think it took me JUST as long to 1) find the right hanger 2) find a place to take a pic of the dress 3) adjust the dress so it didn't look like I was drunk when I was sewing 4) find the camera cord to upload the picture and 5) beg the teenagers to let me have a little computer time. I KNOW it took me as long to do all that as it did to make that dress. Wow! Maybe I should stick to just sewing (I'm not even sure anyone reads my blog anyways) :(

I wanted my new little niece to have something that actually fits when they are only 1 week old - and it took like no fabric at all. I wanted to also make a pair of booties but haven't yet but will before I see her on sunday. Guaranteed I won't be posting a picture on the blog - just can't justify the time! I could sew her a whole nother outfit! Sounds good to me.


Sarah C said...

i read your blog!!!

I love the dress...super cute and perfectly girly. Did you use a pattern?

Anonymous said...

I read your blog too. I check to see if it is updated like every day. :-)

crystal said...

Joey, i read ur blog i check it everyday i am jealous that u get to sew everyday

peanut said...

That's so cute.

I just found your blog but I'm adding it to my reading list :)

tickledpaisley said...

Okay - that's just about the cutest darn dress I've ever seen! I know what you mean about all it takes to get a photo on a blog!!

Thanks for your sweet post on my blog...which bag were you referring to when you asked about the pattern used? Looking forward to checking out your blog!

KID, MD said...

Cute!! Love the colors.

Casey said...

So I just found your blog, and am LOVING going through all your old posts! Especially love the prom dress, I hope my daughter lets me make her prom and wedding dresses too!

You can count on this reader to keep it up! This little dress is super cute too.. did you build the panties into the bodice, or is is two pieces, I can't tell.