Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer is Here

My girls' last day of school will be tomorrow. Bring it on, Summer! I am so ready and so are they. I hope, with help from them, to get more sewing done throughout the week and set up a booth at the local Farmer's market every week.

I am a little concerned about our computer situation. The girls have computers (in which I have been using for blog posting) but they will turn them into the school tomorrow and our home computer is SO slow. I will either 1) have to have the home computer fixed or 2) go to the library a couple of times a week. Both have their pros and cons i.e. the computer fixing will cost $$$$ but I won't have to leave the house to use it and I will have to leave the house to use the library computer BUT it is a brand spankin new library and it is gorgeous!!! So, we'll see.

Actually, if I just sewed instead of being on the computer I could get so much done.


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