Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Apple Orchards

Brooke with her beautiful eyes

Britt and Brett (say that five times fast!)

Lewis - gettin' me some apples

Me and Francesca.

This is how we spent our last sunday morning. About 20 minutes from home is a place called "Happy Apple Orchard". It is so picture perfect there. We actually timed our trip just perfect. The raspberries were ripe (and not all picked through) and there were apples still on the trees.

Brett (the new boyfriend) thought it was going to be lame but actually had a really good time. Pretty impressive to be able to happily entertain 19 year olds.

The people there are so friendly. My daughter thought she lost her billfold there and I called 4 or more times and they just kept looking! (never did find it though).

I made an apple pie (disgusting! - not that sweet flaky crust like my sister-in-law Jennifer makes). I made apple crisp - couldn't gag it down disguised in ice cream (just more tart than sweet) What is wrong with me? I can't cook or bake. I don't like to cook but would like to make things edible. I like to bake but continuesly have issues. I really want to make some apple jelly but I need my mom here to help. I called her today just to tell her that. I miss her. I have about 4 pounds of apples just going to waste. I don't want to destroy them by attempting another recipe. ugh! I guess I just slice them up and serve with some peanut butter and get on with sewing. Why fight it, right?


kari said...

It's like me trying to sew a straight line. But man I can make a delicious apple pie or crisp! It's all in the apples. what kind did you use?

Casey said...

you could slice and freeze them with a food saver, then make the jelly when you see your mom again! That's what we do with peaches when we get up to Georgia visiting family during the season, and take them out in the winter for things like cobbler, almost just as fresh...