Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yoga Mat Bags

I host a sewing group on Monday nights and we are working on projects from One Yard Wonders. We made the Yoga mat bags. I love a project that teaches new techniques and poses some challenge BUT . . . there is a mistake in the book so no amount of skilled sewing is going to get you through that. The pattern calls for you to cut out a circle with a diameter of 16 1/2" - that's a pretty big circle! Thankfully, some of the girls actually take yoga and we realized that there would be no way the bag would need to be that big. so after cutting the circle down, and cutting the circle down and cutting the circle down some more we arrived at a diameter that would work. This morning I found this. LOL. I think I will make at least one more to boost my sewing confidence - because not getting it right makes you feel like a failure and now I need to know I CAN sew if I have the right dimensions.

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yuko said...

hi this is yuko i met you this morning at the farmer's market.
i made some yoga mat cases for friends' birthdays also but yours look nicer and i did notice this one and others at your "shop"
i like everything you make and it is so inspirational to see your products.
so nice to meet you and your beautiful daughter.