Monday, September 6, 2010

My Garden

We are growing cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pumpkins. I get excited every day to go out and see the changes. This is my first time growing pumpkins and it is so exciting. I have 14 pumpkins! The cucumbers are coming along okay. We get about 5 a week. I think I would like to get 5 a day but really? how would we eat all of those. And the cherry tomatoes!! They are doing so well. The plants look like a jungle - it is so fun to go pick them because I won't pick them by myself so Lewis and I pick them together. I won't pick them by myself because I am afraid that I may find a snake when i am digging through the bushes. No snakes yet!

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Anonymous said...

I always thought gardening would be fun. We have had 2 snakes on the porch this year and 5 in the yard. Don't like them not one bit.