Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Back

First off, I want to apologize for not updating my blog for so long :( - I keep handing out my little business cards to all the great people I am meeting at my Farmers Markets and I keep apologizing about my blog because i haven't updated a post. And where to begin? Well, I have been sewing like crazy for the Farmers markets and I have been busy with the markets as well. There is a lot of time and effort in loading the car/setting up my booth/tearing down my booth/unloading the car. Oh, and the hours I spend AT the farmers markets. It's been tons of fun though. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE talking to people about my projects and giving them inspiration or hearing all the kind words people have to say about my sewing. And every time I make a sale it surprises me a little. Like, really? You really want to buy something I created. I'm lovin' it!

Thanks for coming back to read my blog and I once again, will TRY to post more frequently.

Oh, I met a new friend. Check out her shop. I should share with you how we met. She visited my booth at the Farmers market and told me she had an online fabric store. My sewing friends and I were invited to shop at her house and we did. I think it's so funny to actually meet someone out there in "blog" land. Her fabrics are so cool and she's very sweet.


Dark Rose Knits said...

I love your handbags. They are so cute. I'm always on the look out for larger handbags. I have 2 kids and if I can get away with a cute handbag to throw a couple diapers, wipes and snacks instead of taking a bulky diaper bag on short trips, I'm sold!!

Shakira said...

Funky trendy bags!!! I am looking forward for your next article.

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