Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taylor Reservoir Park is beautiful. And we saw alot of it. We drove around for two hours trying to find the kids' PaPa. I was so happy when we saw him!!! He was ok, he knew we were ok - let's fish! The rain held out until the next day and then that wasn't much either. We slept in a tent (reminder to self: Need airmatress) brushed our teeth outside, built a fire, hunted for firewood, saw deer, played games in the camper (during the rain) and fished. Could've only been better if we were able to stay another night. I mean, no cell phones, no computers, no home phone with 3 teenagers makes for some memorable times. (ahem, hence the video above).

See my flickr for more pics of the trip.



Landra Lynn said...

That place looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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kari said...

my daughter is now the lucky owner of this jacket! She is so blessed to have an Aunt Joey.