Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, I inivited myself to be "tagged" from : So I post a picture of myself (ugh) and tell you 16 things about myself and "tag" 16 other people.
1) I like to make lists (I made this list before I came to post it)
2) I like eating outside.
3) I hate to swim in reservoir, lake or ocean water but love swimming in swimming pools.
4) My all-time favorite movie is "Grease"
5) If I could drive ANY car I wanted it would be a convertible Volkswagon Bug (preferablly red)
6) I love thrift stores second to only JoAnns
7) I'm the middle of 3 sisters
8) I watched all of the Dawson Creek episodes 3 times (and it was before Katie Holmes was so cool)
9) I love the summer heat and hate the winter cold
10) Almost all of my closest friends are twenty years older than me and I love them dearly
11) I love to run (but I don't) and dream about it often.
12) I am a morning person not a night owl (although with three teenagers I have to kinda work on staying up late to communicate with them)
13) I wish I knew how to do that blogging thing were you say "look HERE" and when you click on "here" it takes you to another link - I just have to copy and paste the whole link.
14) I hate driving under bridges when trains are crossing and sometimes pull over until the train has passed.
15) I grew my nails out after being a "biter" for 37 years.
16) I like to teach sewing, serging, embroidery, knitting to my friends

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kari said...

This is the cutest looking family!