Monday, January 5, 2009


Look at those pajamas! And that really cute family! Both a-dor-a-ble! I made the matching pajamas for my sister and her family and sent them off in plenty of time before Christmas IF Portland, OR , didn't get such a bad snow storm and therefore no mail was delivered for days to my sister's house. They were sappose to be pajamas that they wore on Christmas Eve. Well, they ended up being New Years Eve pajamas. Ugh!
I purchased a king size set of sheets for the stripped fabric and accented with red flannel. My town has only 3 choices for fabric purchases (one of which is Walmart) and you usually can't find exactly what you want. So when I saw these sheets I knew it would be perfect. Yes, I got all five pieces out of the king sheet and have bits and pieces leftover (keeping, but don't know what for yet).
Last year I met my sister and her family in Denver while they were there on a layover to Florida. We drove for 2 hours to see them for one and I wish that would work out again. Due to health and job setbacks a couple of years ago we haven't been able to go there BUT . . . my little sister, whom, lives in Washington, gave us news on Christmas that she would be getting married in August and we are trying to figure out how to save up to go out there and we would be able to see everyone! Yeah.


jona said...

I had the SAME THING happen! My sisters are both in Portland and I scrambled to get everything sewn and shipped only to have it sit at their post offices (probably a mile from their houses) for the whole week. What a crazy year!

This2That said...

The PJ's are just adorable!!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh I just love the idea of everyone looking the same :) How fun is that?????
Nice PJ's :)