Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Costumes in February?

Yes, I know it's not Halloween and I'm definately not prepared enough to have my costumes for Halloween already made. I made these costumes for my nephews school auction fundraiser. The princess dress is just fluff and frills and I think any girl would love it. The best part about the postman's costume is the bag - how fun to pretend to deliver letters. Do kids know that email is not the only way to send letters? The scrubs outfit is so cute with the little hat. The doctor's coat can be worn seperate or over the scrubs and the chef's hat and coat is my favorite. I altered a couple of coat/shirt patterns to make the coat look like the "real" chefs coats. I will try to remember and post how well the auction went after I hear about it.

Just like the real scrubs (and hat)

The Dr. is IN

My Fav!

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Casey said...

your posts are great! I Love the little chef coat and hat!! I need to make my son an apron for his painting, your post just reminded me!