Monday, February 16, 2009

Hearts and Kisses Apron Sent

This is the apron that I sent to my Hearts and Kisses apron swap partner, Betty aka Fudgie. I like how it turned out (I hope she does too). The wide apron ties make the apron very comfortable and surprisingly, all of those layers of gathered material didn't take too, too long. The apron she sent me is just amazing. I really, really like it. I wore it all day on Valentine's day until my teenage daughters friends came over (it would have really embarrassed my daughter).


Anonymous said...

OMg I just love this! You did a great job.

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Joey I love my apron you made me! I appreciate all the work you did with those ruffles. My husband ate the cookies. lol I see I should of sent you an e-mail or posted in one of the comments offered, of my thanks. I did post it on my blog but being a newbie of this I should not of expected you to see it. I'll take care next time! Hope we get partnered (is that a word?) again.