Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Hair Day (always)

So how do you do it? I wake up excited to sew (or plan to sew, or find some ideas on the internet to sew) and therefore I rarely do my hair. You see my hair isn't even long enough to put in a pony tail but I do it because it takes less time than straightening it and therefore giving me more time to sew.

On Saturday, while putting on my makeup I got a sewing idea and hurried to finish my makeup so I could go write down my sewing idea. Later my daughter was trying to get the big blob of mascara off the side of my face. So how do you do it? How do you manage to take care of your hair and makeup and Sew? I really need to reprioritze here.


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jona said...

I feel your pain! I'd rather jump out of my bed and go straight to my sewing room than mess with "sprucing up". I actually keep Heather Bailey's Trash Ties in my desk drawer to pull my hair to the side (mine is at that in between length too).

You should join Tanya Whelan's Hausfrau group on facebook (it won't fix your hair but you won't feel like you're alone)! :)