Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just discovered that my 1 year blogaversary has come and passed. As with me,I am always late with birthdays and anniversaries so what would be different here.

I looked back at my first post. It is a picture of my family. Awww! So much has changed - I think I cut off 10 inches of my hair (and I hate it) One of the girls went blonde and the blonde daughter went brunette AND now are back to both being brunettes. Gotta love Miss Clairol!

The husband is still at his job (and in these times - thank goodness). Seems everyone complains about their jobs but you must be thankful to have a job right now.

The boy started college and quit college and that's ok (neither one of his parents finished college either) So many things are changing for him. He wanted to be out in his own place by his birthday (March 3rd) but looks like that will be a little late too.

I will have a giveaway soon too. So keep reading.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!! Happy BlogaVersary. Ok, you can really tell times are changing when that is a word. heehee

Sheree said...

So nice to find your blog...happy anniverary!

Your boy and my girl have the same birthday! She's turning 8. :)


Betty aka Fudgie said...

Joey, happy anniversary to you! We didn't get matched in the "green apron" swap...:( But I have tagged you!

Betty aka Fudgie said... you know my blog?