Friday, February 19, 2010

LUV quilt

I originally joined our local quilt guild with the intentions of donating quilts for kids. But I have sadly failed in this area. I seem to have good intentions but too many projects. Anyways, maybe I can beat my last years total of 1 LUV quilt donated. That would seem a more reasonable objective. This LUV quilt top I started two years ago. I fussy cut all the blue squares to get cookie monster facing just right. Then it sat. and sat. and sat. Until last night. I pin basted the top/backing/batting, quilted and bound it all in about 1 1/2 hours! Really? Why does it sit for two years only to get done in so little time. I like how the backing came out. I think I will try to do something similar to all my quilt backs. The quilting was just "eyeballed". One of my specialties. lol. But I like it! I hope there is some little kid out there that will like it too.

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