Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm afraid I just don't have a pic to go along with this post. But I did want to tell you about another great local place to eat. Bingo Burger. My friend, Tammy, told me about the place and we decided to try it last Saturday. They advertise that they have "locally grown, grain fed meat". MMMM, MMM, MMM, good. Although, I might just skip having a burger altogether to have their sweet potatoe fries. Oh, those are so delicious. Who came up with that? Thank you!

This outing wasn't a "date day" in the thought that it would be just me and my husband (21st anniversary on Thursday!!!!). Our two girls came with us. No complaints from them either on the food. Pretty good. You know how hard it can be to try and please teenagers. Not sure why it is called "Bingo Burger". Hmmm will just have to go back and do some asking (and have some sweet potatoe fries).