Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's here!

Remember my post about this? So here's the story. I found a piano for sale on craigslist. My son and one of his coworkers moved it to the house. It tooks my husband and I about three months to sand and paint it not because it was hard work but because we just don't have time. My fatherinlaw fixed the leg on the bench. Yes it has a bench. The seat flips up to store your music. He is an amazing woodworker. I don't know how he got the leg to match the others. It is slightly tapered at the bottom and it matches perfectly. I want to make a padded seat for the bench and cover it in something from here. My daughter Brooke has taught herself to play. Row, row, row your boat, jingle bells and do your ears hang low! Oh, there is some bad news! We scratched the wood floors when we moved it into the house. We were trying to be so careful but there is a scratch about 1/2" wide by 5' FEET!!! We will try to sand it out but it is covered by the front entry rug.

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Callipygian said...

A couple months ago I put out a notice "to the universe" that I want a piano and I don't have much money for it. I'm going to take this as a sign -- not just a coincidence -- that the universe is still working on it for me. Thanks!