Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Date Day

I love our little hometown. This is a favorite place of mine to go eat mexican food. The people are so nice and remember us everytime we go in. Our waitress even gave me her recipe for making tortillas, bean and breakfast potatoes with green chili. She doesn't know that I don't cook but she did talk to me very slowly and repeat herself, it must be that obvious. Funny thing is that the next place we went, a complete stranger gave me HER recipe for making tortillas. Is this a sign? Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. "you need to make tortillas and not sew" or maybe "sew something round like a tortilla!!" I'll go with the second one. ooh, we also saw went and saw "Blind Side", which I always want to call "sidelined". Being that we go to the movie theatre like once a year I'm not that big of a critic and I have to say it was good. I cried nearly from the beginning. Most of the tears where tears from missing our son play high school football. Sandra Bulloch looks great! Just ask my husband. Now, I think he will have to be banned from seeing anything with her in it. I mean how many times do I need to hear how "hot" she is still. Nah, I'm really not the jealous type. In fact, i'm thinking of getting her bangs. If you can't fight em, join em. Right?

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